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I am teaching at the University of Kansas in Fall 2017:

And I’m a remote grader/TA at the University of Iowa:

Selected Publications

This is a paper systematically reviewing literature on assistive technology interventions for adolescents and adults with learning disabilities. It also presents meta-analyses of intervention types where appropriate.
In Computers & Education

Recent Publications

  • Assistive Technology for Adolescents and Adults with Learning Disabilities – A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (article)


  • Examining the Essay-Writing Strategies of Higher Education Students with Developmental Language Disorders and Typically Developing Controls (poster)

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  • A Systematic Review of Connectionist Modeling Approaches in Autism Spectrum Conditions (poster)

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  • Assistive Technology Interventions for Adolescents and Adults with Learning Disabilities (earlier poster version)

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  • Toward a Quantitative Semiotics? (article)

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Developmental language disorder (DLD)

Mixed-methods project to investigate studying strategies in young adulthood.


LGBTQIA+ Jewish cultures in the United States and beyond